About Kristin

    Welcome to Accounting In Focus! I hope you find my site helpful as you make your way through your accounting or business education.

    My name is Kristin Ingram. I am a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience in public accounting and over 8 years of experience teaching in higher education. I am the owner of a small tax and consulting firm, a clinical instructor in accounting, the Director of Graduate Programs in Accounting at the University of Hartford, and the host of the Small Biz Life Podcast. You can also sometimes find me as a special guest on the Worldbuilder’s Anvil Podcast.

    This project started in 2012 when I started making accounting videos for my students. I realized that many topics in accounting are portrayed in a way that is overly complex. My students wanted a way to review the topics we discussed in the classroom, but they were unable to find videos or sites that explained things the way I did.

    If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know they are not well produced or very pretty. Even without the high production value, people watched them. I was receiving feedback from students all over the world. And it was positive feedback!

    I still wanted to do more. The videos are great for reviewing technical or mathematical concepts, but accounting is so conceptual that I wanted to be able to put more conceptual content out there. Here it is. I hope you find the content easy to understand. If you ever have any questions, please leave comments or send me an email.

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